2016 Gun Raffle

The 2016 North Collins Fire Company Gun Raffle was held on Saturday September 17th 2016 at the North Collins Firemens Training center (2038 Spruce Street North Collins, NY 14111)

The tickets were $20 each and included food and beer/pop/water.

Please contact any fireman for tickets, email NorthCollinsFire@gmail.com or call or text 716-435-4906.

And remember, you can always take the CASH for any of the prizes we offer!


Below is a picture of our ticket, with the complete gun list and details!

gun raffle2016


**If you would like tickets to this event, please email: NorthCollinsFire@gmail.com or call 716-435-4906 for ticket information and we’ll gladly get you hooked up with the best gun raffle ticket in Western New York!

Thank you to our sponsors!




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