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Golf Ball Drop and Street Dance:


On Saturday June 8th 2013 the North Collins Fire Company held our 1st annual “Rock The Fire House” event which will feature a Golf Ball Drop and a Street Dance afterwards.

The Golf Ball drop was at 10am at the North Collins Town Park. The Street Dance then began at 12pm at the North Collins Fireman’s Training Center.

If you’re not familiar with a Golf Ball drop, what basically happens is that you purchaseĀ a number and a golf ball. You can buy as many numbers/golf balls as you want. (we provide the actual golf ball, you buy the number on it) On the day of the drop (June 8th 2013) we will have a ladder truck at the Town Park with every-ones golf balls. We then drop them all from the top of the extended ladder onto our “green” which will have a golf ball hole in it. The 3 golf balls closest to the pin or in the hole, win cash prize amounts. The ball furthest from the hole also wins a cash prize.

It gets better. There is a possibility of a $10,000 cash prize! If you’re number is a pre determined number to be a grand prize winner, and it is one of the 15 closest balls to or in the hole, you win $10.000!

The pay outs are as follows:

1st place – Closest to the hole………..$1,000

2nd place – 2nd ball closest to the hole…..$500

3rd place – 3rd ball closest to the hole…$250

Furthest from the hole…….$250


The donation prices:


$10 for one ball.

$25 for 3 balls.

$50 for 7 balls.

$100 for 15 balls.

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